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In the Fall of 2015, I took a social media class for the Sports Media Certificate program at the University of Georgia. The course was taught by esteemed professor David Suggs. In the class, we learned a lot about how different sports and agencies use social media to engage with an audience. We looked at different websites like HootSuite, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also used a great communication engine in Slack to improve our networks.

Below is some of the best works that I have done through the fall semester course.

1.) Plan Analysis:

2.) Crisis Communication Assignment:

3.) Jose Altuve Social Media Presence: 

The Houston Astros are in the midst of a tough series against the Kansas City Royals in the American League Divisional Series. However,  that didn’t stop Jose Altuve from posting on Instagram. Altuve posted seven photos last week on the platform. His photos ranged from the team champagne celebration after betting the New York Yankees to photos with teammates supporting their home country.

Altuve’s strategy on Instagram is very captivating. He wants to stay connected to his fans in his home country and the United States. When he posts photos, he tries to have a spanish caption on each one. This improves his reach to all his followers.  Also, Altuve’s strategy is to give fans a glimpse into the locker room of the Astros. By posting his team celebrating after their victory, it shows just how much fun he is having being a  professional. Finally, by showcasing his significant other, it shows that Altuve recognizes that their are other things besides baseball.
In other news, Altuve isn’t that active on Twitter or Facebook. He last post on Twitter was September 24th.  He doesn’t even have a facebook account that I could find. So Instagram is the most prevalent place that I could find him. Judging by his strategy, Altuve is likes to share his passions and events with his fans. He chooses the Instrgram platform to do so.

Storify Link:

4.) Houston Astros Outside Media Presence Assignment:

As I look at the Houston Astros, I noticed there wasn’t a lot of national content. Most of the stories focused on how the Astros are a unknown territory. The team hasn’t been to the playoffs in 10 years and are struggling with their playoff run. This theme is reaching every level from ESPN, to Bleacher Report and to the Houston Chronicle. Each story is focusing on how the team is young and might lose its grip on the AL West to the Texas Rangers.
Looking at the numbers, the important storyline has accounted for 30 stories on the Chronicle’s blog site. As for national content, ESPN and Bleacher Report basically curate a lot of stories from outside sources. However, they do have a couple of beat writers that make it out to big games and write a couple of features.  
Other than that, the Astros aren’t covered as much nationally.  Most of the content comes from twitter posts and their is rarely any media photographs on the national sites. I think ESPN only had about 2 or 3 Astros posts in the entire week. For the best coverage, its best to look at the Houston Chronicle legacy outlet.

5.) Informational Interview With Adam Schefter:


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