U.S. Men’s Archery Team Honored To Win Second Straight Olympic Silver

RIO DE JANEIRO— After getting back to the Olympic finals Saturday, the U.S. men’s archery team was dealt the same result as in 2012 — a silver medal. However, this time, they were happy.

“It is a totally different experience and feeling of satisfaction for sure,” said Jake Kaminski, one of two returning team members who also won silver at the 2012 Games in London. “It went as well as we possibly could have made it. This was our best match of the day and I wouldn’t change our performance.”

The South Koreans shot six straight bull’s-eyes to open the gold-medal match at the Sambodromo. Led by Woojin Kim, South Korea finished with 15 of its 18 shots registering a 10 on the official scorecard.

“It was a be-perfect type of night,” said Team USA’s Brady Ellison, who also competed in London. “We were darn good, and they were perfect.”

Continue Reading Here: http://www.teamusa.org/News/2016/August/06/US-Mens-Archery-Team-Wins-Second-Straight-Olympic-Silver-Medal

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