Infographics featuring Will Ferrell

As the calendar turns to February, all eyes turn towards to the impending baseball season. The first stop on baseball’s epic journey is Spring Training. Most teams will be requiring their pitchers and catchers to report this week in preparation for the season. I chose to explore this important time in the year. It just so happens that I found an infographic featuring actor Will Ferrell playing with multiple teams last Spring Training. He did this Spring Training tour to raise awareness for cancer.

So, without further ado, here is what I thought of an infographic dubbed “Ferrell Takes the Field.”


I found a lot of interesting things with this infographic. I particularly like the contrast in the different sections. For example, I thought that using the “blue” color hue worked well when describing statistics like Ferrell’s hitting percentage and his miles traveled. I also liked how the the same pattern was followed with the “By the numbers” section. The red and white background played well off the idea of baseball being America’s game.

Another thing I liked was the repetition and the alignment of the infographic. I think having each section lined vertically helped the reader easily search for the part that interested them the most. Finally, I thought that the repetition of important stats (like his transactions) and the fan stats (hot dogs/twitter stats) made the infographic come to life.

A couple critiques I found was that the most important part was his cancer charities. I think they should’ve been on the top instead of the bottom. I felt that it should’ve been at the top because it was  the “nut graf” of the entire piece. Another thing I felt could’ve been better was that it is very distracting at parts. I think that takes away from the invisibility as outlined in the reading. I think readers can easily get lost in a couple spaces.

Finally, I thought that the infographic should’ve added more stats on who all attended the game as fans and what was the reception from the players and teams. For example, maybe a quote or two from players would’ve added more levity to the piece.

Other than that, I felt this was a good infographic that featured baseball and Will Ferrell raising awareness to a good cause. The best part, he did it through the game of baseball.



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