UGA Beat: Five Topics/Stories

Five Story Ideas and Topics

1.) Heath Holder returns from Tommy John


Angle: I think that this is an interesting story as it talks about Holder’s return from a common baseball injury. But I also think it is interesting as it deals with Tommy John. surgery. I think an interesting angle is to explore just what activities and workouts cause the tendon to tear. Also, I think it would be interesting to see how many athletes from the Georgia area have dealt with the injury and make a trend story out of it.

I may be able to do this by talking with UGA’s associate director of sports medicine Mike Dillon. He could explain to me exactly what repeated activities make the tendons weaken and whether there is a solution to the injury.

I could also look at local coaches that have dealt with the injury. They may provide insight into breaking down the injury.

2.) Trend Story: Georgia and the Braves


Angle: This story deals with the Atlanta Braves selecting former pitcher Ryan Lawlor in the MLB draft. The Braves and Bulldogs have a relationship where many players come from the team. I think it would be interesting to see just how many MLB players come from the metro Georgia area. I could look back a few years and compare.
Another thing I could do is talk with local high school coaches to get their opinion and local parents that are preparing their kids for the next step.

3.) College baseball withdraws pitch clock


Angle: I think this interesting topic as the NCAA experimented with the clock in 2015. Apparently, it failed miserably and the NCAA got rid of it for the upcoming 2016 season. I think it would be a great enterprise story to see whether the clock disrupted the flow of the game and changed team’s strategies.

I would localize the story with a UGA pitcher that pitched this in 2015 and examine his numbers from that year and the year before. Maybe I could also talk to coach Stricklin to see whether he had to change his coaching strategy.

Finally, I could maybe get in contact with a member of the committee to see what problems they found and what solutions have they explored.

4.) Concussions and the use of Aluminum Bats


Angle: I found this topic interesting because it deals with concussions. In college baseball today, athletes use aluminum bats and when contacted with a fastball leads to slower reaction times. I think it would be interesting to see whether using an aluminum bat is safe and if it leads to an increase in concussions.

I could also look into what the MLB has done to protect head injuries and whether that will work in college sports.

5.) To Stay or Go? A high school baseball dilemma

Angle: I think that looking at high school college athletes opting for the pros is a big issue. Many don’t last in the minors but for a few years, then they can’t go back to college. I think an interesting angle would be to see whether high schoolers who aren’t ready for the majors be allowed to return to school in a four year window.

I could see where players stand on the issue as well as coaches. Then, see if it is really worth it to go pro?

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