Listening Exercise: UGA Baseball

There is something about the game of baseball. I don’t know if it’s the smell of peanuts roasting or the freshly cut grass, but it definitely touches the depths of my soul. I love the game of baseball and I am not alone. Many people countdown the days until the start of the regular season. This is especially true for the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

As the calendar turns to February, many people’s attention goes to the UGA baseball team. Today, I combine the two interests together. Welcome to your one-stop shop for all UGA baseball information. In the words of a great ball player, “Let’s play ball.”

Twitter Lists

To start off, it is essential to have a list of people who follow the Bulldogs. I have assembled a list of writers, publications and players that can potentially provide information on the team. We have people like Georgia head coach Scott Stricklin and player Mitchell Webb. We also have writers like Jon Heyman and ESPN’s Buster Olney. Finally, we have publications like the Athens-Banner Herald and SEC Country.

Also, there is some twitter lists from professional publications like Sports Illustrated, ESPNU and others as well. These will periodically display some UGA Baseball information.

*You can find the Twitter Timeline for UGA Baseball on the left-hand side of the screen.*

Local and State Publications

Every team needs the local media to write and promote the brand. For UGA baseball, the team has five major news outlets. There is the Athens-Banner Herald, The Red & Black, Macon Telegraph, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Here are the links to the publications. 

1.) Athens-Banner Herald 

2.) The Red & Black 

3.) Macon Telegraph

4.) AJC/Dawgnation


 National/ International Blogs 

One thing that is also special about the baseball is the issues associated with the sport. A lot of players endure injuries and the most common ones are Tommy John and a ACL tear. Another big one is severe concussions. Since there is a chance a UGA baseball player may sustain one of these injuries, I added a couple of blogs/websites speaking on these issues.

1.) The Concussion Blog

2.) Detroit Medical Center: Tommy John Surgery 

3.) ACL injury blogs

4.) All 

5.) ResearchGate Concussions




Social Sites 

The last thing for UGA Baseball is their social media. Being on the internet and the inter webs is a special experience. A lot of people have made their name on social media and UGA baseball is no different. Here is their other social media accounts besides Twitter and a couple of other social media sites that may feature the team.

1.) Instagram: UGA Athletics 

You can find a lot of UGA baseball photos and up-to-date information from the official Georgia Instagram page. For example, there is generally stats available for the team and infographics when we get closer to the season. 

2.) Facebook: UGA Athletics 

Another good one is by the same group of UGA Athletics. They pretty much run the accounts for the UGA baseball team. Here is a post that the put up regarding to baseball. 


Baseball season is right around the corner! Head Coach Scott Stricklin will join the Bulldog Hotline tonight from…

Posted by Georgia Bulldogs on Monday, January 25, 2016

3.) Instidy: UGA Baseball 

This social media aggregates everything UGA baseball. 

4.) UGA Diamond Darlings

I added the diamond darlings as they have a stake in the Bulldogs. Plus, they provide important information into games and events. 

5.) Batting Ground Tumblr: This is a Tumblr for SEC Baseball 

Here I added a tumblr that gets content from all SEC teams. Sometimes, UGA could appear on the website. 


I hope this post will help give you the best knowledge possible of all UGA Baseball. Please come back for more information.





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